Nederlandse Spoorwegen operates ELL Vectron non-stop on Amsterdam-Berlin route

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It’s no secret that Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) is looking to shorten the journey time from Amsterdam to Berlin. It achieved this for the first time when it operated the reliable multi-system ELL locomotive 193 263 on 15th February 2022 and cut out a 20-minute stop in Bad Bentheim on the Dutch-German border, as this allowed the train to operate as a normal Intercity train.

The ELL Vectron leased by NS as a Nightjet to Cologne and Frankfurt has so far been able to keep to the timetable while observing the different maximum speeds on both sides of the border thanks to the one-off change. It is therefore hoped that this will be more than just a one-time experiment and will bring noticeable benefits for passengers. In any case, the ELL Vectron is ready.