ELL recently acquired its 200th Vectron locomotive…

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… from Siemens Mobility. A resounding success and the signs are very promising it will continue just as brilliantly. When Siemens Mobility invited the two business partners to a Danube tour on 7 September 2022, they took the opportunity to reflect on this achievement.


The fact is the ELL fleet will have grown to more than 217 different Vectron locomotives once the orders have been fulfilled. One hundred and seventy Vectrons are already flying the ELL flag, so to speak. Back in March 2014, the scope of delivery was around 30–50 locomotives. Less than a decade later, that number has increased many times over and the cooperation has been successful in every respect – and the future is looking very bright.


As our CEO Christoph Katzensteiner says: “The Vectron locomotives from Siemens Mobility are reliable, economical and very popular with our customers and we have come to rely on them a lot. This fleet of vehicles represents a key pillar of our business model. They allow us to operate flexibly and successfully in the European market.”


Arnulf Wolfram, CEO of Siemens Mobility Austria also agrees: “More than anything else, we are a reliable, good and long-term partner for our customers. The Vectron, in particular, makes a rail vehicle a long-term asset. We are continuously refining the modern locomotive and enhancing its application possibilities with updates to software, hardware and increased performance data. As a result, vehicle operators also benefit from a high level of investment security.”


But the Vectron is also a winner among its European rivals. Siemens Mobility has already put more than 1,500 of them into service in 16 countries. These vehicles have already covered no less than 500 million kilometres … and will soon be travelling even faster, thanks to an increase in the top speed from 200 to 230 km/h.


The late afternoon drew to a close on the upper deck of the Danube cruise ship, the sundowning rooftop as it were. The participants relaxed at a much lower top speed while listening to some pretty cool music and sipping an excellent glass of wine, discussing engaging topics and simply chatting with their colleagues from Siemens.